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What Happens at a New Jersey MVC Administrative Hearing?

Car Keys and Alcoholic Drink

When you have been arrested and charged with drinking and driving in New Jersey, you’ll face two separate proceedings—the criminal proceeding to establish guilt or innocence and determine penalties; and the administrative hearing to determine what the impact will be on your driving privileges. The administrative proceeding is with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

Though the criminal proceeding can seem like the more serious of the two processes, the administrative hearing is equally as important. As a result of the arrest, you will receive a Scheduled Suspension Notice—it’s automatic. You have the right, however, to request a hearing with the MVC. The MVC can deny that request if you don’t provide sufficient basis for why a hearing is necessary. Quite frankly, though, the only way you’ll avoid an administrative suspension of your license it to have the hearing. Furthermore, if the request for a hearing is granted, the scheduled suspension of your license will not go into effect until the hearing is over.

At the hearing, you will be able to provide the hearing officer with additional evidence to support the termination or reduction of the proposed suspension. The hearing is actually more like a meeting—it won’t be in the courtroom, there won’t be a judge or jury, and there won’t be spectators. Customarily, it takes place at the MVC offices in Trenton or Paterson, and involves an interview by the hearing officer, as well as arguments by your attorney. It’s the perfect time for your lawyer to argue for a lesser penalty, such as participation in a driving improvement class.

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