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Mr. Greenberg did a great job with my case. I'll admit I started to become a little discouraged after awhile. My license was to be suspended until 2016, but I obtained it this March do to the help of Mr. Greenberg.


Mr. Greenberg's attention was great. I had my license suspended and he was able to solve my situation in a week. I have no complaints, he reacted fast as I had only a week to resolve this problem.

Mr. Greenberg thank you!


Michael is sleeping giant in the court room calm cool and more ready. It was looking pretty bad facing jail time for sure and he said it was a good chance that i will do some, not all. That was better than what i could have asked for. He did me one better, no jail time and I got my driver's license back. Awesome sauce! Yes, i said it, awesome sauce.


Michael did an outstanding job. He got me the results I wanted, and was extremely easy to work with throughout the process. It's great to see a lawyer use the internet and modern technology to help clients effectively. I would recommend him to anyone around the tri state area for traffic citations.


Michael Greenberg clearly is a serious, sharp, and careful professional. I was unbelievably pleased by the results. The broadness and fairness of the way my position was received was greatly and indisputably improved by his work. He gets it. He'll fight for you. He's also nice.

Don't hesitate.


Mike helped me out with everything in my case. He was prompt and up front with everything. He stopped a reckless driving plus six months suspension! Best descison I made was hiring Michael Greenberg. Will recommend to everyone.


Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was referred to me by a friend who used his services in the past. I received a ticket which would have been 3 points for a stop sign violation and I knew I wanted to fight it because not only did that not happen, but I did not want my insurance to go up. Michael took care of everything and all I had to do was show up to court where no points went against me. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone that is looking for results!


Had simple matter to resolve in traffic court- however the possible sanctions included a license suspension. Michael was able to negotiate a fair resolution without any loss of license. Satisfied with result and I highly recommend Michael.


I tell you my license was in the gutter for 13 years. I was facing 3 new suspension tickets. I was looking at doing jail time. Michael looked at me and said "wow." He then said "OK young fellow, let me do what I do best - my job." The next thing I knew is that I walked out the courtroom owing $450 bucks and a 6 month suspension. I'm still speechless. Good job Michael. You are the best thank you.


I would highly recommend that you use Michael. He is an excellent lawyer. He also knows the traffic laws very well. I also liked that he is very professional and gets back to you in a timely manner.


Thanks Mr. Greenberg for your excellent legal representation. Being from out of state and not knowing the PA laws, I leaned heavily on your expertise. Thanks for your help. The outcome was far better than I expected.


I'm writing this to inform those who may need legal help that you need not to look any further. Mr. Greenberg is very skilled in his profession, whereas I know this first hand. Recently, I had acquired his assistance in a very serious legal matter which proved to be the best thing I could have done concerning my situation. He was honest, respectful, knowledgeable and dedicated to achieving the best outcome for my situation. I am pleased to say that through his efforts we had reached a successful outcome and I would definitely refer his services to anyone in need of professional help.


I would recommend Michael. He is very professional he tells you everything that you need to do in your situation to get you the best results. When you go to court. They told me if I was to come to court again I would get jail time. Not only did I not get jail time but he got the two tickets that I did get dropped and no more time on my suspension. Thanks Michael for everything you did for me.


I am truly grateful that I was led to Michael Greenberg. He is a very knowledgeable attorney that shows he really cares about your future and the outcome of your experience. I was victorious in my trial and I am assured it would have been different without Attorney Greenberg in my corner. Thank you soooo much for all you have done for me. May God continue to bless you and your firm!


It's good to have a trustworthy lawyer that does exactly what they say. I will definitely use Mike again if I run into any other problems. Reliable,trustworthy and gets the job done and answers promptly to your questions. I was very satisfied with results. I couldn't have got it done by myself..Thanks Mike!


I had 4 serious charges that would carry numerous driving privilege suspensions. Michael's exceptional work and knowledge have annihilated all driving penalties i had. Michael knows the traffic law in and out, that's why he is second to none when it is time to go to court. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


I am glad I contacted Mr. Greenberg and utilized his professional services. I found him to be knowledgable and understanding of the traffic citation i receivced. Mr. Greenberg was able to amend my traffic citation, to an non-moving violation, which was great. This attorney is worth his salt and very knowledgable in his field of practice.


I got a traffic ticket and got in contact with Mr. Greenberg immediately. He explained the process and what was likely to happen. I went to court and got my fine and points severely reduced because of his advice and experience. Highly recommend and will be returning if needed.


Micheal Greenberg took my case and did a great job not only did I not get points but it never showed up on my driving record highly recommend Mr.Greeberg. Thanks again Mike


He is very nice. And my fine become below 100 dollars for ignoring red lights and not showing insurance card.


Felt very comfortable with Greenberg taking my case knew from the beginning that I was going to be just fine, very helpful didn't stop or gave up fault till the end. Had one of my biggest charge was reckless driving and pretty much knock it down like nothing as well as fleeing a police officer charger. from 13points to 4 points no jail time and no suspension once again mike u rock . Thank you for everything mike is the man. he was even willing to loan me some money to pay the fines. Definitely recommended.


I hired Mr. Greenberg and I was very pleased with his work. He took time to explain how the preceding would go as well as have me helpful websites to go on. I would recommend Mr. Greenberg to all my friends.


Mr. Greenberg rescued me from losing my driving privileges completely. He worked with me for several weeks through some very confusing situations that I would otherwise have ruined with my lack of knowledge. He somehow got a warrant for my arrest satisfied with zero financial burden, and we had great success in court today. He has always been incredibly reachable, optimistic and effective. I will never want or need to talk to another lawyer again. He's the one for me.


Mike helped me with some legal issues recently and the service was great! It was done in a timely and professional matter. Mike walked me through everything I needed to do to get things cleared up. And I got better results than what was even expected. Thank you Mike!


Michael was an absolutely terrific. I had received at speeding ticket for going 80 in a 50 zone, which translates to 5 NJ points. He was able to turn that violation into a simple parking ticket (0 points!). Recommend him to anyone one needing of a traffic attorney!


Michael is a very great lawyer. I recommend him to everyone and advise that your results at the end are what you want. He was into details with everything and never gave up. Very nice n friendly also makes you feel relaxed during the process. Whoever hire him as their lawyer you will b satisfied.


Mike helped me with some legal issues recently and the service was great! It was done in a timely and professional matter. Mike walked me through everything I needed to do to get things cleared up. And I got better results than what was even expected. Thank you Mike!

- Dwight

I hired Mr Greenberg and I was very pleased with his work. He took time to explain how the preceding would go as well as have me helpful websites to go on. I would recommend Mr Greenberg to all my friends.

- John

* Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results.