Can You Beat a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

Speeding Ticket

It can happen to anyone. Maybe you’re lost in a new city, or you’re on the highway and you get distracted, whether by the scenery, another driver or something going on in your car. All of a sudden, you notice the flashers in your rearview mirror. You’ve been pulled over for speeding. Is all lost? Can you beat the ticket? Here are some tips to increase your chances of not having something on your permanent record.

    • Be extremely courteous and cooperative with the police officer—If you get the least bit combative, not only will the officer be less willing to let you off with a warning, but will be more likely to show up in court, should you decide to challenge the ticket. Take the opportunity to explain any extenuating circumstances—maybe it’s not your car that you are driving. If you typically drive an old beater and you’re using your parents’ Mercedes or a rental car, it might help the officer understand that this is not your typical M.O.
    • Write the officer a letter—If you don’t have the courage or fail to give the officer any explanation when you are ticketed, write him or her a letter, providing a full explanation. The officer may opt to drop the matter before you go to court.
    • Talk to the prosecutor before you go to court—You may be able to negotiate a plea where you pay a fine, but don’t accumulate any points on your record.
      Get your ducks in a row—Come to court with solid evidence to support your claim. Maybe the speed limit signs were hidden behind bushes or trees…bring pictures. If you have witnesses, bring them, too, even if they were in the car with you.

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