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So you were pulled over by police and blew a .08 or higher when they gave the blood alcohol test…should you just plead guilty and accept your punishment? Absolutely not!! With the right DUI and DWI Defense lawyer, you can find a number of ways to challenge the findings or even the validity of the BAC test. We can help.

At the Law Offices of attorney Michael Curtis Greenberg, we have fought for the rights of people charged with DUI or DWI in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1991. We have a longstanding reputation for our commitment to winning, as well as our willingness to take even the most difficult cases. As a result, many of our new clients come to us as referrals. We also work extensively with people who have a commercial drivers license (CDL), as well as out-of-state drivers arrested in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

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Blood Alcohol Tests — Protecting Your Rights

There are a number of ways to challenge the results of a blood alcohol test:

  • The traffic stop may have been without probable cause—The police cannot pull you over without reasonable cause. If police cannot show reason to pull you over, all evidence subsequently obtained can be thrown out.
  • There may have been other circumstances that gave a false reading—You may have been using prescription medication that did not impair your ability to drive, but that combined with any alcohol you ingested to give a false reading. In some instances, perfume or cologne can cause a false positive.
  • The chain of evidence may have been broken—Authorities may not have secured the results of your BAC test, opening up the possibility that it was tainted.

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