Should You Contest a Traffic Ticket?

should-you-contest-a-traffic-ticketIf you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation, you may believe that your only option, unless there are highly unusual circumstances, is to simply pay your fine and move forward. In some instances, that may ultimately be the best approach. But you should consider all your options first. Here are some of the consequences of challenging or not challenging a ticket.

Accepting and Paying the Ticket

If you simply pay your fine, not only will your wallet be significantly lighter, but the traffic citation will appear on your driving record. If you have prior traffic violations, that could put you at risk of suspension of your driving privileges. In addition, you may face substantially higher motor vehicle insurance premiums, and may have to lay out a lot of cash and a lot of time to attend a traffic school.

Challenging the Ticket

On the other hand, if you choose to challenge the ticket, you’ll need to set aside time to prepare for your court appearance, and to appear in court. Simply going to court to make your case can take the better part of a day, as you will have to appear at the beginning of the session and wait until your case is called. You may also have to take the stand and challenge the statements or assertions off the police officer who wrote the ticket. And there’s still the chance that you’ll lose and have to pay the fine and any increased insurance premiums. Furthermore, if hire legal counsel to handle your case—the best strategy—you’ll also incur legal expenses.

If the ticket carries a potential jail sentence, substantial fines or the risk of significantly higher insurance premiums, it’s probably in your best interests to fight the ticket. In either instance, you should contact an experienced lawyer for advice.

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