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“I would have been happy just staying out of jail. He got the case completely dismissed. No trial, no jail, no suspension, no fine.”
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Experienced and aggressive DUI and criminal law defense Attorney Licensed for 25 years in Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If you have been stopped and charged with driving on a suspended or revoked the license, you may be worried that your driving privileges will be taken away for a longer period of time or that you may even face incarceration. You want an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. You want attorney Michael Curtis Greenberg.

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At the Law Offices of Michael Curtis Greenberg, we have zealously fought for the rights of people facing traffic and criminal charges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1991. Most of our new clients come to us because they’ve heard about our proven record of success, and know that we are always willing to take the difficult and challenging cases. They understand that we are committed to minimizing the consequences of a conviction for driving without a license.

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Our Representation in Prosecutions Involving Driving Without a License


When you hire us to defend you on a charge of operating a motor vehicle without a license, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to obtain an acquittal. We will carefully listen to your story so that we fully understand the facts. We will review the police reports and question all potential witnesses so that we can build and present the strongest arguments on your behalf.

We will also examine the actions of police and prosecutors, ensuring that there was probable cause for the traffic stop and that you were properly notified of your rights.

We will be your advocate throughout the legal process, from arraignment through plea negotiations to trial, if necessary.

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Don’t put your license in further jeopardy or risk going to jail. Let us fight to protect your rights!

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