DUI Penalties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

DUI Penalties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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The Penalties for Drinking and Driving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

The penalties for a conviction on a DUI charge in New Jersey or Pennsylvania can be severe. Under the right circumstances, though, and with the right DUI lawyer, you can avoid a jail sentence, and even have the charges dismissed.

At the Offices of Michael Curtis Greenberg, we have aggressively defended people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on DUI / DWI charges for more than 24 years. We take every case to win—our reputation for leaving no stone unturned means that many of our news cases come to us as referrals from former clients. Because of our experience, we know when to work with prosecutors to negotiate the best deal for you. But we are never afraid to take your case to court to get the outcome you want.

We work extensively with out-of-state drivers who have been charged with DUI or other traffic violations in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and also provide tenacious counsel to anyone with a CDL (Commercial Drivers License).

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The Penalties for DUI & DWI in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the potential sanction for drinking and driving depends primarily on how many times you have been convicted, as well as your blood alcohol content when you were arrested:

  • The financial cost—A first conviction may include a fine of up to $500, if your BAC is .10 or higher. The maximum fine is $400 if your BAC is between .08 and .10. All subsequent convictions may have a fine of up to $1,000. A $1,000 surcharge on your driver’s license fee will also be assessed each year for three years. The surcharge goes up to $1,500 per year with your third conviction. Anyone convicted on any drunk driving charge must pay $100 to the state drunk driving fund and $75 to the Neighborhood Services Fund. You will also be required to attend a program at an Intoxicated Driving Resource Center, at a cost of $230 per day. The length of time is within the discretion of the court.
  • Your driving privileges—For a first conviction, your license can be suspended for 7-12 months, if your BAC is .10 or higher. The suspension is only three months if your BAC is between .08 and .10. A second conviction can extend that period up to two years. All subsequent convictions carry the possibility of a 10 year suspension of driving privileges. The penalties are increased if the DUI occurred in a school zone.
  • Jail sentence—With a first conviction of any kind, the maximum jail sentence is 30 days. For a second offense, you can serve up to 90 days. All subsequent offenses carry a potential jail sentence of 180 days.

The Penalties for DUI & DWI in Pennsylvania

  • First Offense—Pennsylvania does not have a minimum jail time for a first offense. If convicted, your license will not be suspended, but you will pay a fine of up to $300. An ignition interlock device (IID) is only required if you refuse to take a blood test.
  • Second Offense—You can serve anywhere from five days to six months in jail. The fines may be up to $2,500 and your license can be suspended up to one year. If you are granted a restricted license, the court can order an IID for the period of the restriction
  • All Subsequent Offenses—The jail sentence can be up to two years, and the fine may be up to $5,000. Your license can be suspended up to 12 months, and you will be required to have an IID installed if you are allowed a restricted license.

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