The Lawyer you want by your side.

Michael Greenberg is a lawyer I would recommend to anybody! I love his approach with clients and getting to know them first and the situation occurring. The fact, money wasn’t even discuss from the moment we spoke, I knew I had a winner in him. Unfortunately, I was unable to hire Mr. Greenberg’s because where my hearing is being held at, he does not practice law there. Moreover, Michael provided valuable insight in his years as an attorney. If theres something strange in the Traffic Ticket world, who your going to CALL MR GREENBERG.

– alfred

He was super responsive and very helpful

I reached out to Mike for my speeding ticket on Penn turnpike.I am a NJ driver and he immediately knew what needs to be done. He said he would try and clear all the points I would get from the speeding ticket and he did that. He was super helpful and updated me every step of the process.

– Suhas

Fantastic Attorney!

I had received my first 5 point speeding ticket. I was very concerned knowing the probability of leaving without points was close to impossible. Mike got me the best outcome I could’ve asked for, zero points on a 5 point ticket! Could not be more grateful for his help!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

– Allison C. Brown


Mr Greensburg got me off of what could of been been a disaster for me. I was cited for driving under suspension multiple times, facing more suspension time on top of the 30 plus years of suspension I servered,however ,just finally got my license back ,because of his tactics, I was able to keep my license, and lesson the charge AND NO MORE SUSPENSIONS!! I would definitely recommend him when in need!!

– Andrew kane

Best experience!

I was given a 5 pt summons and was from out of state. Michael was very professional and I have dealt with many lawyers in my time. He was able to reduce the 5 points to 0! Nothing on my record. I couldn’t be any happier. Spend the money and go with mike. It will be worth it for the long run.

– anonymous

Careless driver

I hired him for my careless driver case! Then, he help me get no point and civil reservation!!! Trustworthy and friendly….

– anonymous

Best Traffic Attorney

Michael Greenburg is one of the best traffic attorney. I had a case where I was given 2 tickets for allowing a unlicensed person to operate a vehicle and allowing a suspended driver to operate a vehicle in which I had to attend court. Thanks to Michael Greenburg for everything. My tickets were dismiss with no fees or points on my license.

– anonymous

Very professional and overall a great guy

Mike is very helpful and knowledgeable. He always has a calm, patient, and reassuring attitude. Mike is very dependable which makes communication very convenient. Even showed me the importance of being proactive and how by being proactive, it says a lot about yourself to other people.

– Quinn

First time DUI.

I was charged with a the highest lawyer mr.Greenburg advised me of the best strategy in my case in where I would not be convicted and the end result would be there Will be no record of me being arrested or even charged with the DUI..he was able to assist getting me into what’s called the ARD..program once I complete this program everything will automatically be expunged…Thanks mr..Greenburg for helping me thru a tough and serious situation

– anonymous

The Best Traffic Attorney in the Greater Philly Region.

I literally hired Mike days before my Trial date. The charges were serious (driving while suspended, three prior). Mike’s demeanor instantly put me at ease. He explained, simply and methodically, what I had to do to achieve the best outcome. He got a continuance, and was constantly in touch regarding the progress of my case. I followed his instructions to a T, and when my trial date arrived, Mike’s quiet confidence instantly put me at ease. His reputation obviously preceded him, as both the Judge and the Officer were clearly on very friendly terms with him. My charges were thrown out. No further suspension. I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Knowledgeable, friendly and affordable, Mike Greenberg is, without question, THE preeminent Traffic Attorney in the Philly metro and South Jersey region. Don’t hesitate. Call Mike if you are jammed up. Thanks again, Mike!

– Brendan MacGregor


Michael is a great lawyer, 0pts. Micheal helped me for the third time, he is a really good lawyer.

– anonymous

Outstanding attorney!

Mr. Greenberg took on my a traffic violation case for me which could have easily resulted in a 5 point violation and a possible suspension of the license. Michael was able to dismiss the charges all together, resulting in no points and no insurance increase. No driving record, no penalties or any other fees associated with the violation. It’s like the entire thing just dissapeared. Michael took the time to explain the situation and how to go about preparing for the court date. He was patient, quick to respond to any questions I had and texted or called me right back. Most of all, Mr. Greenberg promissed to be in the court himself to represent me, considering the severity of the case and he was. I hope that I never need a lawer’s services again, but if I do, I am definatelly calling Mr. Greenberg.

– Margaret

Ticket dismissed

I got a traffic citation for which my appearance is required. But on my behalf Michael Greenburg attended Court hearing as I can’t bcoz I moved to another state. And he filed my Not guilty plea. My ticket got dismissed now. Bcoz of him, I got no points and no fine as I m proved not guilty. Thanks to him

– Jagdeep

Exceptional attorney!!!

Michael was very proactive in providing quick and reliable feedback and answers to my questions. Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Additionally, he displayed excellent negotiation skills in setting my case. I was facing possible license suspension for speeding in a school zone. Not only I walked away with zero points on my record but I also didn’t have to pay any court fees!!! I highly recommend Michael to others based on my experience as a client.

– Margaret L

Best lawyer ever

Mike Greenberg is an awesome lawyer! I hired him to help me with an assault case I had and he was there for me every step of the way, inside and out the court room. His prices are beyond reasonable and he really knows his stuff. Best of all he genuinely cares about his clients. You won’t make a mistake hiring Mr. Greenberg, I know I didn’t!

– Michele

Careless driving ticket

Lawyer reduced it to a minor speeding ticket which wouldn’t impact my license with points with a civil reservation. Hassle free and very professional.

– anonymous

Reckless driving reduced!

I was charged with reckless driving and Mike Greenberg negotiated the charges down to a careless driving citation, which in return my license was not suspended. Now I can go back to work with my license and be stress-free! Highly recommend Attorney Mike Greenberg, look no further if you need legal defense! Truely exceptional work, Thanks big time!

– Pan

Amazing attorney

Mike Greenberg is excellent attorney. I hired him to help me with a speeding ticket and he had it reduced my fine and eliminated license points. He is the best and amazing attorney. I would highly recommend him to represent for any traffic matters. Thank you for your excellence service Mr. Greenberg.

– anonymous

Mike is a Pro!

Mike knows his stuff about Traffic Court. Even though he’s based in NJ, he was familiar with the judge and police officer in my Chester County PA magisterial district. His years of traffic law experience and good advice helped me reduce a 6-point with suspension violation down to a 2-point 10MPH over agreement. It was a good learning experience, and now I have someone I can trust.

– James

Excellent Person/Lawyer

Mike is an awesome lawyer. He saved my license from getting suspended and possibly jail time.

– anonymous

Suspension Eliminated!

I got pulled over for driving over 100 mph in a 65 mph zone on the NJ turnpike. I pleaded guilty and paid a $260 ticket in NJ, not knowing that the state I am from would automatically revoke my license for 6 whole months. For a price far, far lower then almost every other lawyer I called, Mr. Greenberg was expertly able to both convince the judge to allow me to withdraw my guilty plea(!), AND negotiated with the prosecuter to have my speed significantly lowered, thus eliminating my entire suspension completely. My ticket was changed from a $260 ticket to a $400 ticket.
Believe me, having my license back for 6 months is well worth the measly $140!
Having my suspension completely eliminated was something that all the other lawyers I spoke to had predicted to be impossible, including those lawyers who wanted to charge literally 4 or 5 times as much as Mr. Greenberg charged.
Did I mention that all of this was done while facing one of the toughest prosecutors in the state! In addition, Mr. Greenberg was friendly, patient, and confident without being stuck up or arrogant. If you need a lawyer that knows what he’s doing and can quickly and efficiently get the job done, he’s your guy.

– Joseph

Very thorough and Professional

Mr Greenberg is clearly very experienced at handling traffic related legal issues. His advice was very accurate and as a result my fine was reduced and no points put on my license.

– anonymous

Nothing But Amazing

Mr. Greenberg was excellent in his profession. Was in and out of the court very quickly and was able to reduce my citation buy a huge amount. What he says, he delivers. Amazing person, great attitude, and very easy to work with. He cares about you and wants to do the best he can do to help you out. Mr. Greenberg was truly a great person to work with!

– John Ho

great job!

I’m so happy that i came across Mike i Had a serious case in Pennsauken Court traffic and Mike work so hard to help me with my .case he did all his best from preventing me not to go to jail and from getting points as well on my driver license. he make sure i didnt gets any of that, everything works great and I end up not going to jail and no points. Thanks Mike I was truly satisfied with your hard work in the traffic. court. God bless you. well done. I will hire you again

– Aminata Fofana

great attorney

Mr. Greenberg is a very professional lawyer, came to the hearing very prepared and has had plenty of experience in this field of law. I would highly recommend him. Very satisfied client.

This review is from a person who hired this attorney

– chris


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