Ways to Minimize the Risk of a DUI This Summer

Young man in handcuffs

It’s summer—time to get out the grill, throw some steaks on and have a few beers. But an arrest for drinking and driving can ruin your entire year. Here are some tips to help you avoid all the negative repercussions associated with a DUI.


Don’t Drink and Drive—Period

It’s the simplest, but also the hardest, advice to follow. Drink only at your own home or when you know that you won’t be behind the wheel. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether to have a second beer when you’re thirsty, or to have that high gravity microbrew your buddy has been talking about all week. If it’s simply not possible to abstain when you go to the cookout, don’t be afraid to call a cab to take you home. In the long run, it will be far cheaper than a DUI.


Have the Party at Your House!

This way, you can have your cake and eat it, too! The only caveat—be careful not to serve alcohol to anyone who appears visibly intoxicated, or to serve large quantities of alcohol to anyone. You might find yourself as a defendant in a dram shop/social host liability lawsuit if that person causes injury to another person.


Don’t Make Your Vehicle Stand Out!

The police have to have probable cause to pull you over, but that can be for something as simple as a burned-out tail light, or expired tags on your car. If the officer pulls you over for any legitimate reason, and smells alcohol on your breath, or reasonably suspects that you have been drinking, you can be subjected to a field sobriety test and a blood alcohol test. Make certain everything works properly and that your license and tags are current.


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